Digital Dental Implants And Your Smile Care

What is implant dentistry really supposed to do for a patient? Beyond restoring the way you looked before tooth loss, can treatment with an implant in place to hold a restoration benefit you in other ways? This approach to prosthetic care can have value for several reasons—beyond its cosmetic benefits, it can give you better bite support, it can help you maintain the integrity of your jawbone, and it can even help you stabilize neighboring teeth! At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, we use digital imaging technology to provide your implant placement. By starting your restorative work in this positive way, we can give you a better overall treatment experience. (more…)

Making Time For Tooth Bonding Treatment

It may be exciting to hear what cosmetic treatment can do for your smile, but the idea of treatment can feel intimidating if you assume that it will be a longer or involved process. What can surprise you is just how much good can be done in one appointment. Through tooth bonding services, there are many beneficial changes that we can make in a short time, and with a surprisingly conservative approach to care. Your Rowlett, TX dentist can complete this work in as little as one appointment, as it does not require the placement of a permanent restoration. Instead, we use a composite resin material to carefully cover up problems with your appearance that make you unhappy with how you look. (more…)

Cavity Treatment That Preserves Your Smile

With the right combination of smart dieting, consistent oral hygiene efforts, and regular dental exams, you can control your risk for dental decay. If you do find yourself in need of treatment because of a cavity, you should know that your Rowlett, TX dentist can help. In addition to taking care of the immediate threat of spreading decay, we can provide a durable and discreet restoration that protects your tooth without changing your smile. Whether you require a dental filling or dental crown, we can take care to provide one that will stay secure, allow you to bite and chew without issue, and preserve your appearance! (more…)

How Dental Cleanings Address Tartar Buildup

You should do something about plaque and tartar formation on a daily basis. By thoroughly brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once, you can keep bacteria and food particles off of your smile and prevent the accumulation of harmful substances that raise your risk for problems like tooth decay and gum disease. On a consistent recommended basis, you should also count on your regular dental exams and cleanings to protect you against these materials. Teeth cleanings at our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office provide particularly important protection against tartar buildup—while you can remove plaque deposits before they harden to tartar, deposits that are already present will remain until your next preventive treatment. (more…)

Choosing Treatment For Poor Teeth Spacing

Until you do something about it, malocclusion can rob you of a confident smile, and it can also create issues for your oral health. What you might not realize is that there are actually several services that can help with this problem. Our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you understand what your options are for care. In addition to using metal braces to move teeth into position, we can discuss more patient-friendly alternatives: Invisalign aligners can move teeth discreetly, and with removable appliances, while Six Month Smiles can help you see results in a remarkably short time! (more…)

The Impact Of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Do you feel that it is harder and harder to feel comfortable with your appearance due to worsening teeth stains? When stains accumulate, they leave you with a smile that appears dull, seems less healthy, and can even make you appear older than you are. Fighting these stains can prove tough when you attempt to address them on your own. However, you can see more success when you talk to your Rowlett, TX dentist about professional whitening services. Through the right approach to professional cosmetic dentistry, there are many improvements we can make to your appearance! (more…)

Technology And Implant Dentistry

How much trouble can one missing tooth really cause? The answer can reveal itself in a short time after you experience this problem. An incomplete smile can look less attractive, offer less support for your dental function, and even interfere with your oral health in ways that will worsen in time. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, you can learn about the positive impact provided by a prosthetic restoration held in place with a dental implant. With the use of imaging technology, we can actually offer digital implant placement, which can have positive benefits for the placement process as well as your experience with your restoration! (more…)

How Porcelain Veneers Make Cosmetic Changes

There are many reasons why people look into treatments that can make exciting smile improvements. While one person can look into how they can change the color of their smile, another can make an appointment to talk about their options for addressing worn or damaged enamel. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, we can provide different solutions based on your issues, and we can look at how we can help you see results while providing a positive treatment experience. What can surprise you is how a single procedure can effectively take care of many different flaws at one time, making it possible to enjoy significant changes without the need for multiple procedures. One way to make noteworthy changes is to place porcelain veneers, a set of thin and durable shells that can hide different flaws. (more…)

Lasting Support From A Custom Dental Crown

If you keep up with good oral hygiene habits, and keep up with your dental checkups, you are less likely to have problems with your oral health that need in-office treatment. Of course, even if your goal is the prevention of problems, it can be reassuring to know that your dentist can help if trouble does arise. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, we are committed to helping patients when they need their oral health restored. Our different approaches to care enable us to address different degrees of poor health in ways that minimize changes to your tooth structure. This includes a commitment to providing both partial and full dental crowns when treatment calls for more than just dental fillings. (more…)

Is Bruxism Putting Your Smile At Risk?

There are different threats to your smile that you should be aware of in order to preserve both your appearance and your health. It is important to take problems with tooth decay, tartar buildup, and gum disease seriously, but not all of the threats to your smile can be controlled with your hygiene routine. Many people experience problems because of unresolved issues with bruxism, or habitual teeth grinding. If you are grinding and clenching your jaw at night, you can do real damage to your enamel. This is more than just a concern for your smile, as it can also make you vulnerable to damage that negatively impacts your oral health. Our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office can help by providing a custom appliance to protect your enamel while you rest. (more…)