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Should You Begin Orthodontic Treatment?

Is this really the right time for you to begin orthodontic treatment? If you have issues with poor teeth spacing, or with teeth that look awkward or less attractive because they are out of alignment, remember that the sooner you start, the sooner you see results. You should also remember that these services can address… Read more »

Realigning Your Uneven Smile

We often think of orthodontic work as something that happens in our teen years. Malocclusion affects many people, but the problem can be recognized early and addressed before adulthood. However, not everyone has this procedure in this time, and some who do can see changes in their appearance as their teeth return to their original… Read more »

Let Invisalign Boost Your Smile Confidence

When your teeth are not properly aligned, it can be hard for you to feel fully confident in the way you look when you smile. Even minor problems with malocclusion are enough to negatively affect your appearance, as you can have problems with noticeable gaps or overlaps, or you can feel too aware of how… Read more »

Orthodontic Work And Your Dental Health

If you are considering orthodontic work, should you expect to enjoy anything more than cosmetic improvements? The changes you make to your smile can certainly be exciting. At the end of corrective work, you can have a more symmetrical appearance, and you can be free from issues with gaps or overlaps between your teeth. With… Read more »

Are You Ready To Start Planning Invisalign Treatment?

You want to do something about problems with the spacing of your teeth, and you are eager to learn about alternative treatment options to traditional orthodontic appliances. With Invisalign aligners, you can take on problems with gaps and overlaps between teeth without committing to permanent metal braces. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, we can… Read more »

3 Benefits You Can Gain From Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth that are poorly spaced can look awkward and unattractive. Your smile may be asymmetrical because of poor alignment, and you can have visible gaps and overlaps that stand out. You can see exciting smile improvements from an orthodontic treatment, but there is more to corrective work than just more confidence in your appearance. You… Read more »

Relying On Clear Aligners For Orthodontic Improvements

For some people, orthodontic treatment is an attractive treatment option because it can deliver meaningful smile improvements, but it can also be an intimidating one. Older teens and adults can feel self-conscious about wearing metal braces, which can dampen their enthusiasm for treatment even when malocclusion impacts both their oral health and appearance. When you… Read more »

Correcting Smile Alignment Flaws With Invisalign Treatment

Problems with your smile alignment can be difficult to hide, and they can make it difficult for you to feel truly confident in the way you look. Emphasis is often placed on symmetry when it comes to what makes a smile attractive. Malocclusion, or problems with poor alignment, can take this away from a person…. Read more »

Misaligned Teeth Can Interfere With Your Bite Function

Feeling self-conscious about your smile because of malocclusion is certainly valid. An interest in cosmetic changes can motivate many people to explore their options for orthodontic treatment. What you should know is that corrective work is also able to deal with problems that affect your oral health! At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, patients who… Read more »

Discreetly Close A Smile Gap With Invisalign Treatment

All it takes is one small gap between teeth to alter your smile symmetry and create a conspicuous flaw in your appearance. While you may have settled for trying to hide the problem by hiding your smile, you should know that orthodontic work can resolve this problem and give you renewed confidence in the way… Read more »