Month: December 2022

Elegant Tooth Repair Can Protect Your Health

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Our routine care is crucial to keeping our smiles intact and healthy through the future. Even with fastidious maintenance, sometimes our teeth need a little help to be the strongest they can be. When the outer surface of the tooth is cracked or broken, infection can begin to take hold in the more porous dentin… Read more »

Discover A Beautifully Improved Smile In 2023

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As we turn the page on 2022, it is a wonderful time of year to take a look back at the successes and failures and try to do better in 2023. This can be a perfect time to get your dental affairs in order, starting with a routine cleaning and examination. The new calendar year… Read more »

Schedule Your Exam For The New Year

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After the holidays finish and you are preparing to restart your daily life, keep your dental health in mind. You should be coming into the office at least twice each year for continued professional maintenance on your smile. If you have not had a trained eye on your oral health in a while, the start… Read more »

Give Your Children Strong Dental Values

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It can be difficult as a parent to instill proper health habits. Our little ones cannot comprehend the necessity of preventive care in the same way as adults and they do not have the life experience to predict the cause and effect of their choices. These two concepts collide when it concerns oral health. At… Read more »

Oral Emergencies During The Holidays

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This time of year sees an overall increased risk to the health of our mouth. We are more likely to be traveling, which can create new spaces or environments that we may not be used to. There are also many stressors that come specifically around the holidays, and the added anxiety increases the likelihood of… Read more »