Month: June 2019

Gum Disease Can Have Serious Aftermath

The bacteria in your mouth are naturally occurring, but they can still create serious problems for your oral health. That goes for the surfaces of your teeth, and your gums. Just like tooth decay, gum disease is a condition that can get much worse over time if you leave it untreated. What starts out as… Read more »

Correcting Your Smile’s Alignment In Just Six Months

If you wear traditional metal braces, then your smile could require up to two years of treatment. If you opt for clear plastic aligners to reposition crooked or crowded teeth, then you could still need at least a year. But what if we could offer our patients in Rowlett, TX, a more even and healthy… Read more »

What Preventive Dentistry Steps Are You Taking?

Whether it’s dentistry or auto maintenance, a preventive approach is always for the best. When you take a preventive perspective with your healthy, you’re more likely to spot problems before they become severe. If you can stop a condition like gum disease or cavities from ever forming, you won’t need the restorative treatment that it… Read more »

Begin the Healing Process for Your Teeth with a Restoration

Damaged teeth can cause you chronic pain, but the pain you experience is just one part of the negative consequences of tooth infection. Bacterial infection is a progressive condition that will continue to get worse over time if left untreated. What starts out as a small cavity on your tooth can eventually become an infection… Read more »