Month: November 2022

Your Smile Can Take A Hit When You’re Sick

sick rowlett tx

This time of the year, our common viruses such as the cold and the flu start to become much more serious of a concern. We are much more likely to be indoors on account of the weather, and the holidays means people are closer together in a number of areas. Beyond the visits to friends… Read more »

Cold Sensitivity Is Very Common!

Sensitive Rowlett TX

Here in North Texas, we can see wild swings of weather. Now that this endless summer seems to have finally subsided, it can become bitterly cold rather quickly. If you are noticing that your smile may feel a little less comfortable than it was last year, you’re not alone. One of the most common concerns… Read more »

Your Gums Provide Important Protection

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Periodontal disease, or the inflammation and infection of the gum tissue, is incredibly common in this country. Approximately 42% of Americans struggle with this health condition, and it can be devastating to your oral health. This material creates a safe and secure bond between the bacteria of your mouth and the vulnerable inner mechanics within…. Read more »

Your Ideal Smile Through Porcelain Veneers

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Very few people are fully happy with their natural smile. Even if almost everything is perfect, a little chip or a misshapen tooth can pose a problem. With all these different issues, you would think that it would require multiple procedures, affecting all areas of your oral health. But porcelain veneers are a sturdy and… Read more »