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Teeth Cleanings Help Prevent Gingivitis

What kind of effort should you put into preventing gingivitis? If you want to avoid dental difficulties like tooth loss later in life, you should take the condition of your gums seriously! Gum disease can become a difficult problem to manage when it is not caught and addressed in time. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s… Read more »

How Professional Teeth Cleanings Fight Tartar Formation

Are you doing an effective job of fighting tartar formation every day? By thoroughly brushing and flossing, you can prevent tartar buildup…unfortunately, you will have more trouble removing tartar deposits that have already formed. To make sure your smile is protected against the accumulation of this substance, you should consistently schedule teeth cleanings and exams…. Read more »

Have You Let Too Much Time Pass Between Teeth Cleanings?

How long should you go between your teeth cleanings and evaluations? To stay informed about your dental health, and to receive consistent protection against tartar and plaque formation, you should go in for care every six months. Falling out of this habit can lead to more oral health issues, and it can lead to those… Read more »

3 Benefits To Maintaining Better Oral Hygiene Efforts

Good oral hygiene protects you from tooth decay and gum disease. These issues can be successfully prevented with good daily habits, and with regular trips to see your dentist for routine dental exams. Unfortunately, these are still common issues, as people can fail to see the shortcomings in their approach to care. If you do… Read more »

Is Your Next Appointment For Routine Dental Care Set?

How many times did you see your dentist in 2020? In a typical year, you should have two appointments, with a new visit scheduled approximately six months after the last. As the new year approaches, you should have your next visit set up – if you do not, make sure you arrange it as soon… Read more »

How Teeth Cleanings Keep Tartar From Gathering On Teeth

How worried should you be about the buildup of tartar on your teeth if you have a consistent brushing and flossing routine? It is important that you feel confident in your daily hygiene practices. When you thoroughly clean your smile each day, you are able to restrict the buildup of harmful agents on your teeth… Read more »

Have You Gone Too Long Without A Teeth Cleaning?

Hopefully, you take the time to thoroughly clean your teeth every day. By doing so, you provide good support for your smile against threats like tooth decay and gum disease. With that said, these practices – while important – are not capable of doing everything you might need to keep your teeth truly safe. If… Read more »

How Teeth Cleanings Fit Into Efforts To Protect Your Smile

While you should treat oral hygiene like a priority, you should also remember that you are not the only person who can care for your teeth! Every time you go in to see your Rowlett, TX dentist for a regular dental checkup, you receive a teeth cleaning that removes plaque and tartar buildup. Through this… Read more »

An Oral Health Exam Looks Out For More Than Just Cavities

In the course of a routine dental exam, your Rowlett, TX dentist is going to take a close look at your smile and determine if there is any cause for alarm when it comes to dental decay. The early recognition and treatment of cavities helps you because it lowers the amount of work ultimately needed… Read more »

The Benefits Of Being Consistent With Dental Cleanings

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It is important to be consistent with your oral hygiene practices at home. When you brush and floss your teeth, you fight the buildup of harmful agents like bacteria and food debris before plaque and tartar formation can occur. As much as this consistency can protect you, it is important that you also take care… Read more »