Category: Preventive Dentistry

Schedule Your Dentist Appointment Before the End of the Year

Routine dentist appointments are part of a smart, preventive oral health strategy. Your dentist doesn’t recommend that you visit twice per year just because they like catching up with you (that’s not to say you aren’t a great conversationalist), they do it for the sake of your oral health. By attending dentist appointments every six… Read more »

Take Advantage of Preventive Dentistry Practices

Preventive dentistry encompasses a number of practices that are aimed at proactively preventing oral health problems. While this branch of dentistry is incredibly helpful and forward-looking, it isn’t complicated. You may already be taking advantage of preventive dentistry practices. If you’re not, it’s time to start. Simply visiting the dentist every six months for a… Read more »

Be Proactive About Protecting Your Smile

Being proactive in situations keeps you on the front foot and allows you to adjust when there is a problem. Whether it’s a professional situation or your own oral health, being prepared is always for the best! How can you be proactive with your oral health? Maintaining a proper home care regimen and attending regular… Read more »

What Preventive Dentistry Steps Are You Taking?

Whether it’s dentistry or auto maintenance, a preventive approach is always for the best. When you take a preventive perspective with your healthy, you’re more likely to spot problems before they become severe. If you can stop a condition like gum disease or cavities from ever forming, you won’t need the restorative treatment that it… Read more »