Give Yourself The Gift Of A Whiter Smile

A Brighter Smile rowlett txIf you are planning on going home for the holidays, be sure that you look and feel your best when you see your family. This starts with an appointment at the dentist for a cleaning and an examination, and while you are in the office, take the time to talk to your oral health team about ways to improve the look of your smile. Enamel staining is one of the most common cosmetic concerns brought to dentists, and you do not have to live with yellowed or dingy-looking teeth.

Spend some time with Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX and erase those stubborn enamel stains with the help of a professional. Our team offers our patients a choice between a single speedy office visit and convenient at-home teeth whitening that you can accomplish alongside your nightly oral health routine of brushing and flossing. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment and while you’re here, ask about your cosmetic dental possibilities!

Your Holiday Dental Needs Start With A Semiannual Checkup

If it has been a while since your last appointment at the dentist, this can be a great time of the year to find your way back to a dedication to your oral health. You need a semiannual checkup every six months, and waiting to see the dentist can hold you back in your drive to keep your smile at a consistently high level throughout your life. Plaque and tartar can start to develop, and if these are left unchecked, they lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Another common issue that can affect the look of your smile is staining on the surface of your teeth. Over time, enamel stains can happen due to the things that you love to eat and drink. At your semiannual cleaning and examination, talk to your dentist about your stains.

Our Team Offers You A Choice In Your Cosmetic Dentistry

When your dentist gives you a diagnosis of extrinsic enamel stains, ask them about your options in professional teeth whitening. At our office, we give you two distinct methods of brightening your smile, and you want to know how each could work for you.

For some, a convenient at-home teeth whitening solution is the easiest. With this option, you will receive a custom tray that you fill with our lifting agent, giving you results in as little as two weeks. If you need a speedy solution before the holidays, ask about in-office teeth whitening!

Find Out More About Teeth Whitening With Rodem Tree Dental

Started to see a change in your smile? It’s time to see the dentist. To learn more or to schedule your appointment, give us a call at Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX today at (972)475-2321!