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How To Prevent Cavities

In our last blog, we mentioned how cavities are a common problem in children. In fact, more than half of all dental patients in the United States will have at least one cavity in their life. Although this is a common problem, it is important to take steps to prevent decay in order to maintain… Read more »

Keeping Up With Your Child’s Oral Health

Your kid’s first few years will include a lot of growth and changes. When it comes to their dental hygiene, they will go through growing and losing their first baby teeth, learning how to brush, handling cavities, and more. At Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, Texas, we know how overwhelming it can be to find… Read more »

Be A Dental Role Model!

Children's Dental Rowlett TX

Is it time for your little one’s next dental checkup? Just like with adults, children need to visit their dentist from time to time. Most patients of all ages require these appointments every six months, so if it has been longer than that, talk to your provider about setting a schedule and sticking to it…. Read more »