Is It Time For Your Dental Cleaning?

To keep your teeth healthy, you should take care to clean your smile each day. Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once will help you control your risk for problems that threaten your oral health and appearance. As important as this routine is, make sure that you also protect yourself with professional dental cleanings. These services lower your risk for cavities and gum disease, and they also keep excess tartar and plaque buildup from hurting your appearance and health. Our Rowlett, TX dental practice can provide regular cleanings as part of our preventive services. In addition to providing protection against future problems, these visits can help you avoid new difficulties as they keep you updated about the current state of your teeth and gums. (more…)

What Stands Between You And Whiter Teeth?

Are you currently less than impressed by the color of your smile? Are you frustrated by uncertainty around how you can treat problems with enamel stains? It can be hard to produce the right changes when you fight discoloration on your own. However, this is an issue that your Rowlett, TX dentist is happy to discuss with you, and one that the right professional treatment can address! In addition to offering different approaches to teeth whitening treatment in order to fight stains, we can recommend cosmetic services that hide internal discoloration. The correct approach to your care can have lasting value for your appearance and confidence. (more…)

Lasting Protection From A Lifelike Crown

Treatment to restore an unhealthy tooth should have lasting value. After all, problems with decay and physical injury can lead to permanent issues, and without the right support problems can actually grow more serious. At our Rowlett, TX dental office, we can ensure that you have the right restorative care when something is wrong with your smile. At times when patients need dental crowns to protect their teeth, we can provide custom restorations that are carefully made to fit properly and remain secure. While the immediate concern with a crown is the preservation of your oral health, we can also prioritize the preservation of your smile, as our options for care include restorations made with lifelike materials. (more…)

Digital Technology And Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic dental work can have lasting value. That value goes beyond just restoring your appearance, though this is certainly important. With a restoration in place, you can feel more comfortable biting and chewing without difficulty, and you can even make sure neighboring teeth have adequate support to remain secure and in good health. Our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office can use digital imaging technology to take on problems with tooth loss. With digitally guided dental implants, we can provide a better placement experience, and we can make sure that your prosthetic work has the long-term benefits you hope to enjoy. (more…)

How Dental Veneers Improve A Smile

How much confidence do you currently have in your smile? If you feel uncomfortable letting people see your teeth in pictures, or when you engage in social activities, it can be hard to make the right impression. Unfortunately, it can feel as though one minor flaw is all that it takes to rob you of a truly attractive appearance. The good news is that the right cosmetic procedure can help with both relatively small concerns and bigger issues. Our Rowlett, TX dental practice can offer support with dental veneers. These porcelain-made restorations are slender enough to make conservative care possible, but through their placement, we can take on concerns with the shapes, sizes, and color of teeth! (more…)

Can A Root Canal Relieve Tooth Pain?

As tooth pain starts to impact your quality of life, you can have understandable hope that your dentist will be able to help you. At our Rowlett, TX dental practice, we can provide a review of your oral health to determine what the discomfort is linked to, and what kind of care you might require. The pain you feel could be a warning that your tooth has internal issues from an advanced cavity or injury. If so, you can find that a root canal procedure will have to take place. This service will remove bacteria and damaged tissues to stop further discomfort from affecting you. In addition to providing this service, we can also provide protection in the form of a dental crown to keep you safe from further difficulties. (more…)

Tackling Smile Gaps With Invisalign

Until you do something about them, any gaps that exist between your teeth can be a source of embarrassment, one that holds you back from feeling truly confident in your smile. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, we can help you take on these problems through Invisalign treatment! Your clear aligners will do the work of closing gaps, spacing out teeth that overlap, and taking on any other alignment issues that currently affect how you look. In addition to taking on problems with the way you look, this can help you improve your oral health and bite function! We should note that there are some patients who can benefit from other cosmetic services capable of hiding minor spacing flaws, which means they can see the results they want in less time. (more…)

The Protection Teeth Cleanings Provide

What you do for your smile when you brush and floss is important. These daily efforts put up a valuable line of defense against oral bacteria and food particles that can gather over time. If you have a routine that is consistent and thorough, and you maintain a smart diet that features limited sugar, is there anything else you need to do to protect yourself against oral health threats? As valuable as good habits can be, remember that you should also receive protection in the form of your regular teeth cleanings! At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, we can make sure that your smile is cared for during your regular evaluation, and we can provide protection in the form of cleanings that remove harmful plaque and tartar while discussing any concerns that we might have about certain areas of your smile being poorly supported. (more…)

Strategies For Making Teeth Whiter

When you decide to fight problems with dental discoloration, you can find it difficult to address the matter on your own. The products that you can find at your local grocery store or pharmacy can have limited benefits, which can lead to frustration. Are you able to make your teeth many shades whiter? With professional cosmetic dental work, more significant changes to the way you look can be seen. Our Rowlett, TX dental practice can provide take-home whitening treatments as well as in-office services to correct problems with enamel stains. Our practice is also prepared to help you when you want to do something about intrinsic discoloration. (more…)

Tips For Recognizing Symptoms Of Bruxism

How worried should you be if you think bruxism is affecting your smile and oral health? If you let the problem go without treatment, there are potentially serious consequences that you can face. This is because the frequent friction can wear down your enamel, which can lead to dental damage. You can also cause problems for your jaw, leading to persistent pain in the joints as well as your face, neck, shoulders, and head. At our Rowlett, TX dental practice, we can offer important services for patients bothered by bruxism. In addition to protecting you with a custom oral appliance, we can evaluate your smile and determine if you could benefit from cosmetic or restorative dental work. (more…)