Month: June 2021

Digital Technology And Implant Placement

When you explore just how much trouble tooth loss can cause, keep in mind that missing teeth also leave you missing roots. Our teeth roots do more than just help with stability and bite support. They also provide support for their neighbors, which lowers your risk for those teeth becoming loose, or even being lost… Read more »

Bruxism Can Hurt Your Smile – We Can Help

After years of friction from biting and chewing different foods, your teeth may start to show some signs of wear and tear. For many, these changes are difficult to notice, and not a cause for concern. With that said, some people experience more noticeable problems, and they can occur at an earlier age. One reason… Read more »

When You Want Noticeably Whiter Teeth

By changing your diet to cut out products that can stain your enamel, you can prevent dental discoloration from growing worse. Of course, many people want to do more than just preserve the color of their teeth – they hope to make changes that can give them noticeably whiter smiles. When you start to look… Read more »

Let Invisalign Boost Your Smile Confidence

When your teeth are not properly aligned, it can be hard for you to feel fully confident in the way you look when you smile. Even minor problems with malocclusion are enough to negatively affect your appearance, as you can have problems with noticeable gaps or overlaps, or you can feel too aware of how… Read more »