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When a Dental Filling Just Won’t Do

When it comes to dental problems, cavities are a common issue that many of us have encountered. If left untreated, cavities can cause serious damage to your teeth, affecting not only their appearance but also their functionality. While dental fillings are often used to treat small to moderate cavities, there are instances where a filling… Read more »

Helpful Restoration After You Break A Tooth

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When you break or chip one of your existing natural teeth, take the time to speak with your dentist about what has happened. If you have fully removed your enamel in an area of your smile, you may need a little assistance in making your way back to a positive dental path. This material coats… Read more »

Helpful Tooth Repair With Dental Crowns

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Dental emergencies can happen to any of us, and it is important that you take steps to repair your smile. One of the trusted means of enamel restoration available to you is the use of a sturdy dental crown. This is a resilient cap that restabilizes a tooth after damage. If you have broken or… Read more »

Feel The Accomplishment Of Enamel Repair

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While you stick to your routine of brushing and flossing, sometimes you need more assistance to keep your mouth safe. Part of this comes through your appointments for your semiannual checkups, which give you further strength in your dental care. If you receive a diagnosis at your visit that requires repair, take the time to… Read more »

Elegant Tooth Repair Can Protect Your Health

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Our routine care is crucial to keeping our smiles intact and healthy through the future. Even with fastidious maintenance, sometimes our teeth need a little help to be the strongest they can be. When the outer surface of the tooth is cracked or broken, infection can begin to take hold in the more porous dentin… Read more »

Cold Sensitivity Is Very Common!

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Here in North Texas, we can see wild swings of weather. Now that this endless summer seems to have finally subsided, it can become bitterly cold rather quickly. If you are noticing that your smile may feel a little less comfortable than it was last year, you’re not alone. One of the most common concerns… Read more »

Your Ideal Smile Through Porcelain Veneers

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Very few people are fully happy with their natural smile. Even if almost everything is perfect, a little chip or a misshapen tooth can pose a problem. With all these different issues, you would think that it would require multiple procedures, affecting all areas of your oral health. But porcelain veneers are a sturdy and… Read more »

Tooth Replacement Solutions

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It’s possible that you are facing a tooth extraction. Or maybe the loss has already occurred, and you are looking for a suitable permanent replacement. For some people, the decision on how to move forward can be a little overwhelming, as it can truly alter the way you approach your oral health. Every dental situation… Read more »

When A Partial Crown Restores A Tooth

When your Rowlett, TX dentist responds to a problem with your oral health, you can expect treatment to include some kind of restoration. Restorations address the permanent loss of enamel after a cavity or injury is addressed. In addition to providing options for treatment with dental fillings and full crowns, we do provide positive results… Read more »

Successful Cavity Care With Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our aim at our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office is to help patients remain safe from the kinds of problems that require more involved services. Of course, this does not mean that we are not ready to help you when a problem is present. In fact, when you keep up with routine dental exams and cleanings,… Read more »