Month: July 2021

A Way To Fight Tough Teeth Stains

Is there anything you can do to brighten your smile if you have hard-to-ignore teeth stains? People who have noticeable discoloration may try to fight it with store bought whitening agents, but this can lead to limited improvements. To make a more significant change in the way you look, our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office can… Read more »

3 Issues Dental Crowns Help Us Resolve

There are several oral health issues that patients bring to us. While cavities are a serious issue, one that we are ready to deal with, it is just one concern that can make restorative treatment necessary. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, we can intervene to address the different problems that may upset you and… Read more »

Realigning Your Uneven Smile

We often think of orthodontic work as something that happens in our teen years. Malocclusion affects many people, but the problem can be recognized early and addressed before adulthood. However, not everyone has this procedure in this time, and some who do can see changes in their appearance as their teeth return to their original… Read more »

Diet Choices And Dental Discoloration

The diet choices we make affect us in different ways. Obviously, one concern is that the wrong foods and drinks can affect our weight and general health. For someone who has a weakness for sweets, the wrong choices also lead to more cavity risks. You should also be aware of how what you consume affects… Read more »

How Long Should I Go Between Teeth Cleanings?

Hopefully, you take the time to clean your teeth every day. In fact, an effective oral hygiene routine should see you brush two times a day, and floss at least once. If you are consistent with this, your risk for experiencing dental or periodontal problems will go down. However, you should be careful not to… Read more »