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Taking Care Of Your Needs With Examinations

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One of the most helpful tools at your disposal in fighting the accumulation of plaque and tartar is your routine examination with your dentist. If you have been less than perfect with your appointment schedule, know that you have the opportunity to change your habits, starting with one simple trip to your oral health care… Read more »

Your Gums Provide Important Protection

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Periodontal disease, or the inflammation and infection of the gum tissue, is incredibly common in this country. Approximately 42% of Americans struggle with this health condition, and it can be devastating to your oral health. This material creates a safe and secure bond between the bacteria of your mouth and the vulnerable inner mechanics within…. Read more »

Navigate The Risks Of Pregnancy

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If you are on your way to having a child, the massive amount of health issues that you have to track can be overwhelming. Our bodies change in such a radical way in order to facilitate the growth of another human being. Sometimes these changes can put the health of a mother at risk, so… Read more »

Deep Cleaning Should Be Completed Early

Deep cleaning is a process used to treat the tissue at the base of your gums and beneath your gum line. Deep cleaning is not a procedure that you’re likely to receive unless your teeth are suffering from neglect. Bacteria can build up on the surfaces of your teeth and cause serious damage. That damage… Read more »

Gum Disease Increases Your Risk Factors

Gum disease is a common oral health condition that is caused by bacterial infection. You’re probably familiar with how cavities develop. Bacteria build up on your teeth and eventually wear a hole in your dental enamel. The same type of damaging bacterial activity can happen to your gums. If bacteria buildup around or below your… Read more »

Deep Cleaning to Repair Tooth Stability

Your teeth are strong and resilient. When healthy, your teeth can sustain a huge amount of force as they chew through food. The thing that allows your teeth to function in this way is the connection between your teeth and jawbone. Your teeth are held in place by connective tissue that fuses the roots of… Read more »

Treat Signs of Gingivitis Right Away

Gum disease is the result of chronic inflammation in your gums. When bacteria build up beneath your gum line, they cause your gums to become red, swollen, and uncomfortable. If you are noticing any of these signs in your gums, it may mean that you have developed gingivitis. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum… Read more »

What Is “Scaling and Root Planing?”

If you’re someone who doesn’t generally deal with any oral health issues, you may not be familiar with “scaling and root planing.” Also known as a “deep cleaning,” this isn’t a treatment that you’ll receive as part of your normal checkup and cleaning. That’s because scaling and root planing aren’t targeted at the surfaces of… Read more »

Deep Cleaning Can Manage Periodontitis

If you have suffered from gum disease, you know what a serious condition it can be. If you are someone who has not experienced this type of problem, then continue to take preventive steps to avoid it. Gum disease develops when bacteria grows and forms plaques around and beneath the gum line. This produces inflammation,… Read more »

Clean Your Gum Line While Brushing

How much thought do you give to brushing your teeth? If you brush your teeth at least twice a day, that’s great! But the way that you brush your teeth is just as important as the frequency. If you’re not cleaning all of the surfaces of your teeth, nor removing bacteria from your gum line… Read more »