Month: March 2020

Deep Cleaning Should Be Completed Early

Deep cleaning is a process used to treat the tissue at the base of your gums and beneath your gum line. Deep cleaning is not a procedure that you’re likely to receive unless your teeth are suffering from neglect. Bacteria can build up on the surfaces of your teeth and cause serious damage. That damage… Read more »

Address Dental Emergencies Quickly

Dental emergencies create stress, pain, and trauma in some cases. You can’t plan for a specific emergency, but you can prepare yourself in the event of a dental emergency. For one, you want to know who you would call for a dental emergency. Many dental offices offer emergency scheduling outside of normal business hours. In… Read more »

Gum Disease Increases Your Risk Factors

Gum disease is a common oral health condition that is caused by bacterial infection. You’re probably familiar with how cavities develop. Bacteria build up on your teeth and eventually wear a hole in your dental enamel. The same type of damaging bacterial activity can happen to your gums. If bacteria buildup around or below your… Read more »

Understanding the Mechanics of Sleep Apnea

How often do you think about sleep? When you’re not getting enough of it, you probably think about sleeping a lot. While sleeping does present an opportunity for your body to rest and recuperate, it’s far from a simple process. The amount of sleep you get, the consistency of your sleep schedule, and your breathing… Read more »