Helpful Tooth Repair With Dental Crowns

Smile Guy Rowlett TXDental emergencies can happen to any of us, and it is important that you take steps to repair your smile. One of the trusted means of enamel restoration available to you is the use of a sturdy dental crown. This is a resilient cap that restabilizes a tooth after damage. If you have broken or cracked one of your teeth, it is vital that you speak with your dentist soon after your injury!

At our dental practice in Rowlett, TX, we can help you to save your damaged tooth through the placement of a dental crown. Speak to us about your needs before infection has a chance to cause further harm, and discover the advantages of restorative dentistry. We are here to help you maintain and retain your existing teeth as you age, so take the time to talk with a trusted dental team about your options. When you experience a broken or cracked tooth, we can be a helping hand!

Speak To Your Dentist About A Dental Crown After You Injure Your Tooth

When you damage one or more of your existing teeth, it might not always seem like a big deal. Even if you have a small crack or chip, however, you could be at risk of further harm. Your natural enamel provides invaluable protection for the soft tissue inside the tooth, and when you lose this shield, bacteria can start to form colonies within.

Quickly attending to any dental emergency is key in the prevention of a serious infection. If you have experienced an injury that has exposed the vulnerable area underneath your enamel, speak to your provider about your options in treatment. A dental crown could be the right choice for your smile!

Crowns Stabilize A Tooth After A Root Canal Treatment

If you have started to notice discomfort or pain within your tooth, it could be a sign that bacteria have already started to develop. In these instances, a root canal treatment procedure may be necessary to eliminate the growth. This process includes the removal of the soft tissue known as pulp, and your dentist will seal the connections between your head and your jaw in order to prevent reinfection. After your pulpectomy, you will require a dental crown to re-stabilize the location, giving you back the ability to chew without pain. We can also help you to understand your options in material, so you can have a solution that meets your needs.

Repair Your Smile With A Dental Crown In Rowlett, TX

For more information on how dental crowns keep your smile safe, reach out to our team. Give us a call at Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX at (972)475-2321 and schedule an appointment!