Month: February 2022

Smart Solutions For Discolored Teeth

If your teeth are not as bright as you would like them to be, options for treatment are available. Although those options include the use of store bought whitening treatments, these solutions can prove less effective than you hope, leading to disappointment and frustration. Luckily, you can bring up your interest in cosmetic changes with… Read more »

Should I Commit To Invisalign Treatment?

If you feel unhappy with your smile because of poorly spaced teeth, it can feel as if your choices are living with these flaws or depending on metal braces for an extended length of time. Metal braces do important work, and are especially helpful for those who have significant issues with malocclusion. With that said,… Read more »

Regular Dental Cleanings And Plaque Removal

How worried should you be about plaque buildup on your smile? When you stick with good brushing and flossing habits, and take thorough care of your teeth each day, you can fight the accumulation of this substance effectively. Doing this protects you against the onset of cavities and gum disease, and it helps you avoid… Read more »

Digital Imaging And Implant Placement

When it comes to dental implant placement and restoration, the right approach to care will provide significant benefits. A permanent prosthetic appliance can have significant benefits for your smile as well as your dental function. You can trust your restoration to remain stable even as you depend on it to bite and chew. It is… Read more »