Month: December 2020

Make Plans To Receive A Dental Implant In The New Year

Thanks to implant dentistry, you can regain your smile and improve your bite function in the new year! Dental implants provide permanent security for replacement teeth, which means they will remain in place throughout the day, even as you bite and speak. Your Rowlett, TX dentist can meet with you to discuss how the placement… Read more »

What Can I Do To Greet The New Year With A Brighter Smile?

The new year is just weeks away! If you have confidence in your smile, you can greet this occasion with a bright and happy smile. However, if you feel that your teeth are not as bright or attractive as they could be, you may be reluctant to show them off under any circumstances. Fortunately, this… Read more »

Correcting Smile Alignment Flaws With Invisalign Treatment

Problems with your smile alignment can be difficult to hide, and they can make it difficult for you to feel truly confident in the way you look. Emphasis is often placed on symmetry when it comes to what makes a smile attractive. Malocclusion, or problems with poor alignment, can take this away from a person…. Read more »

How Teeth Cleanings Keep Tartar From Gathering On Teeth

How worried should you be about the buildup of tartar on your teeth if you have a consistent brushing and flossing routine? It is important that you feel confident in your daily hygiene practices. When you thoroughly clean your smile each day, you are able to restrict the buildup of harmful agents on your teeth… Read more »