Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Successfully Fighting Enamel Stains

Enamel stains can prove difficult to avoid and also difficult to remove. As they accumulate over time, you can gradually lose confidence in your smile, as it can appear dull and unattractive, and you can have a hard time effectively addressing this problem. Fortunately, you do not have to confront teeth stains on your own!… Read more »

Scheduling A Teeth Whitening Treatment

Has the time come for you to consider teeth whitening treatment? If so, you can be happy to know that the process of brightening your smile can be easier and more convenient than you expect. Your Rowlett, TX dentist’s office can provide services in the office, or we can send you home with a treatment… Read more »

Veneers Can Give You A Stunning Smile!

Why do patients at our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office inquire about cosmetic dental work? Sometimes, the goal of treatment is to address a recent issue with a dental injury, or a means of addressing accumulated teeth stains. At other times, naturally occurring problems with the shape, size, or alignment of teeth can be the root… Read more »

Bring Questions About Teeth Whitening To Us!

You confirm it every time you look at your smile in the mirror—your teeth are just not as white as you would like them to be. This can be an unpleasant feeling, and it can be even worse when you have already tried to do something about this with a store bought whitening kit and… Read more »

Addressing Embarrassing Smile Flaws

When you can show off a bright, attractive smile, you can project confidence and warmth. In other words, having confidence in your smile can make you more comfortable in both corporate and social environments. Our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office is here to help if you feel that certain flaws affect the way you look and… Read more »

Diet Choices And Dental Discoloration

The diet choices we make affect us in different ways. Obviously, one concern is that the wrong foods and drinks can affect our weight and general health. For someone who has a weakness for sweets, the wrong choices also lead to more cavity risks. You should also be aware of how what you consume affects… Read more »

Bruxism Can Hurt Your Smile – We Can Help

After years of friction from biting and chewing different foods, your teeth may start to show some signs of wear and tear. For many, these changes are difficult to notice, and not a cause for concern. With that said, some people experience more noticeable problems, and they can occur at an earlier age. One reason… Read more »

When You Want Noticeably Whiter Teeth

By changing your diet to cut out products that can stain your enamel, you can prevent dental discoloration from growing worse. Of course, many people want to do more than just preserve the color of their teeth – they hope to make changes that can give them noticeably whiter smiles. When you start to look… Read more »

Seeking Out Teeth Whitening Treatment

Is it time to let your dentist know about your interest in making your smile whiter? Patients sometimes try to take on discoloration without assistance. This can seem easy enough, as many stores and pharmacies stock teeth whitening kits that offer cosmetic improvements. Unfortunately, these kits can offer less exciting changes than you hoped to… Read more »

Booking Treatment For Your Chipped Tooth

Your smile just does not look or feel right after you chipped a tooth. This is a frustrating feeling – even if you feel that your tooth is healthy, you can worry about how people respond to the sight of the damage. The good news is that addressing this issue can take less time, and… Read more »