Booking Treatment For Your Chipped Tooth

Your smile just does not look or feel right after you chipped a tooth. This is a frustrating feeling – even if you feel that your tooth is healthy, you can worry about how people respond to the sight of the damage. The good news is that addressing this issue can take less time, and less work, than you anticipate. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, patients who want to discuss cosmetic services for a chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged tooth can learn about several treatment options. You should be aware that damage may prove to be more than just cosmetic. If this is the case, we can recommend treatment with a custom dental crown. (more…)

Implant Dentistry And Your Bite Function

senior man confident in bite functionYour incomplete smile can complicate your life in several unwelcome ways. Many people feel preoccupied with the effect tooth loss has on their appearance, but there are other issues you have to worry about. Among those problems are a greater risk for tooth loss and difficulties with biting and chewing. Fortunately, these are all issues that you can resolve when you arrange prosthetic treatment with dental implants. Through implant dentistry, your Rowlett, TX dentist can give you back a full, confident smile. They can also give you a renewed confidence in your bite support, which means you can more comfortably enjoy a wider range of foods again. (more…)

Teeth Cleanings Help Prevent Gingivitis

dentist and patientWhat kind of effort should you put into preventing gingivitis? If you want to avoid dental difficulties like tooth loss later in life, you should take the condition of your gums seriously! Gum disease can become a difficult problem to manage when it is not caught and addressed in time. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, we provide preventive services to help you avoid infections. One benefit to regular exams is feedback about your dental and periodontal health. Another is the professional cleaning provided by your hygienist. That cleaning removes plaque and tartar found on your teeth, including in spaces where your teeth and gums meet. Removing harmful materials from these spaces will reduce your risk for infection issues. (more…)

What Can Your Dentist Do For You If You Want Whiter Teeth?

Are you starting to feel dissatisfied with your appearance because your teeth look dull and unattractive? Problems with discoloration affect many people, and it can feel difficult to avoid them over time. After all, there are many popular foods and drinks people enjoy that are capable of leaving stains behind on your enamel. If you brush and floss thoroughly and see your dentist for regular dental exams, you can make sure your teeth stay healthy, but stains can still slowly gather. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, we can recommend cosmetic dental treatment if you are worried over how your appearance has changed. We provide teeth whitening services in our office, but we also provide teeth whitening kits that patients can take home. (more…)

Are You Ready To Start Planning Invisalign Treatment?

You want to do something about problems with the spacing of your teeth, and you are eager to learn about alternative treatment options to traditional orthodontic appliances. With Invisalign aligners, you can take on problems with gaps and overlaps between teeth without committing to permanent metal braces. At our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office, we can provide you with Invisalign treatment to improve the way you look, and to improve your oral health by fixing problems with malocclusion. In some cases, we can even help patients see their desired orthodontic improvements in less time with our Six Month Smiles treatment. (more…)

How Digital Technology Affects Implant Dentistry

What role does implant dentistry play in giving people back their complete smiles? This approach to prosthetic dental treatment gives patients the ability to receive permanent dental restorations. We can use a single dental implant to hold one restoration, or we can make plans to use multiple implants to hold a larger prosthetic appliance. At our Rowlett, TX dental office, we actually rely on digital technology that can improve a person’s experience with dental implant placement. This technology enables us to locate just the right position and angle for an implant. That leads to more secure placement, which can provide more support for your prosthetic restoration over time. (more…)

How Professional Teeth Cleanings Fight Tartar Formation

Are you doing an effective job of fighting tartar formation every day? By thoroughly brushing and flossing, you can prevent tartar buildup…unfortunately, you will have more trouble removing tartar deposits that have already formed. To make sure your smile is protected against the accumulation of this substance, you should consistently schedule teeth cleanings and exams. The professional cleanings provided at our Rowlett, TX dental office will remove tartar formations. By doing this, we keep the bacteria gathered in these deposits from causing problems that require restorative dental work. Tartar removal will also help you avoid difficulties with gum disease. (more…)

Choosing Between Teeth Whitening And Other Cosmetic Services

It may be fair to assume that a professional teeth whitening treatment is the most appropriate treatment option for someone who wants to deal with discoloration, but there are times when other services might be recommended. What makes other procedures beneficial for those who want to deal with dull or discolored teeth? Sometimes, patients who want to show off brighter smiles need to address intrinsic discoloration, or internal tooth problems, and not just issues with accumulated teeth stains. At our Rowlett, TX dental office, we can evaluate you to see if you might benefit more from professional whitening treatment or another cosmetic dental procedure. (more…)

3 Benefits You Can Gain From Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth that are poorly spaced can look awkward and unattractive. Your smile may be asymmetrical because of poor alignment, and you can have visible gaps and overlaps that stand out. You can see exciting smile improvements from an orthodontic treatment, but there is more to corrective work than just more confidence in your appearance. You can also make changes that improve your oral health! Our Rowlett, TX dental office can provide treatment with traditional metal braces, or we can discuss treatment with Invisalign aligners. For those who want to results in a shorter time, we can see if you are a good candidate for the Six Month Smiles treatment approach. (more…)

Have You Let Too Much Time Pass Between Teeth Cleanings?

How long should you go between your teeth cleanings and evaluations? To stay informed about your dental health, and to receive consistent protection against tartar and plaque formation, you should go in for care every six months. Falling out of this habit can lead to more oral health issues, and it can lead to those issues worsening to the point of demanding more involved restorative dental work. Our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office is ready to meet with you and provide preventive care. Remember that without your regular teeth cleanings, you will not be able to remove any tartar deposits that have gathered on your teeth! (more…)