Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

See a Cosmetic Improvement with Straighter Teeth

Cosmetic improvements to your smile can make you feel more confident and comfortable in social situations, professional situations, and it can raise your self esteem. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to help your teeth look their best. That can be done with treatments that brighten the appearance of your teeth or make them all… Read more »

Revamp Your Smile with Porcelain Dental Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry is full of different treatment options that can address all kinds of deficiencies in your smile. If you’ve got an issue with your smile that you’d like to correct, cosmetic dentistry likely has a solution. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can correct issues like teeth that aren’t proportionally even or pleasing, teeth with grooves or… Read more »

Bonding and Contouring Are Conservative Dental Treatments

Could your teeth use a little help to look their best? Do your teeth need a lot of help to form a straight, beautiful smile? In either case, you may be surprised by the cosmetic options available to you. While cosmetic dentistry treatment can cause an incredible transformation for your smile, most of these treatment… Read more »

You Can Change the Contour of Your Smile

Is there something about your smile that causes you to feel self conscious? Everyone deserves to have a smile they love, so if yours is holding you back, you should check out cosmetic dentistry options. These treatments can make small corrections to your smile that create a world of difference in its appearance. If your… Read more »

Have You Asked Your Dentist About Cosmetic Options?

For most people, the dentist is a place they visit once every six months for a quick checkup. If you’re having oral health problems like tooth pain or redness in your gums, you should also see the dentist to address these issues. While your oral health is of utmost importance, so is your confidence in… Read more »

Correcting Your Smile’s Alignment In Just Six Months

If you wear traditional metal braces, then your smile could require up to two years of treatment. If you opt for clear plastic aligners to reposition crooked or crowded teeth, then you could still need at least a year. But what if we could offer our patients in Rowlett, TX, a more even and healthy… Read more »

Erase Tooth Staining with Whitening

No one likes seeing yellow stains on their teeth. The truth is, teeth staining is completely natural. Your teeth absorb pigments from the foods you eat and the drinks you drink. Over time, this pigment adds up, resulting in the noticeable staining that you see. Are you stuck with these stained teeth for the rest… Read more »