Elegant Tooth Repair Can Protect Your Health

Smile Rowett TXOur routine care is crucial to keeping our smiles intact and healthy through the future. Even with fastidious maintenance, sometimes our teeth need a little help to be the strongest they can be. When the outer surface of the tooth is cracked or broken, infection can begin to take hold in the more porous dentin beneath the enamel. If you have recently suffered damage to one or more of your teeth, take the effort to find a strong new dental solution that can help your smile for years to come.

Chipped or broken teeth can feel unpleasant and negatively affect your appearance. At Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX, we are dedicated to providing gorgeous smile restorations to the people of the Metroplex. Allow your dental health to function at full strength by restoring the damage to your enamel and underlying structures. When these systems are running well, they can help you avoid further infection and loss!

Cracks And Breaks Happen

Our enamel can suffer wear from a variety of reasons. Bruxism refers to the grinding of teeth. This motion can slowly erode this material until there are locations where the underlying dentin is left vulnerable to the outside world. This tissue is not intended to see the outside world and can quickly interact with harmful bacteria within the mouth. Decay can also place the future of your smile at risk, so schedule your routine cleaning and examination to help prevent lasting harm down the line.

Cracks can occur due to weakened enamel or simply the wrong bite on a hard piece of food. While we all try our best to stick to a strict oral health routine both at home and at the dentist, sometimes things are out of our control. In these instances, a prompt restoration can minimize the amount of time that vulnerable tissue remains exposed.

Dental Crowns Provide Stable Relief

A tried-and-true method of repair for damage to the enamel is a dental crown. These are durable caps that your dentist cements onto your existing biological material. This approach saves your own matter below the gumline as well.

There are other situations beyond physical trauma when a crown can be beneficial in maintaining the integrity of a tooth. An infection can begin to develop within the interior of one of your teeth. You might require a root canal procedure to remove the bacterial colonies. The process removes enough of the mass that these solutions help to solidify the location.

Gorgeous Durability In Your Rowlett, TX Dentistry

Call Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX at 972-475-2321 to learn about how a dental crown can help you to bring back the stability of your smile. Repair your damaged enamel with the help of restorative dentistry in the Metroplex!