Feel The Accomplishment Of Enamel Repair

Suit Guy Rowlett TXWhile you stick to your routine of brushing and flossing, sometimes you need more assistance to keep your mouth safe. Part of this comes through your appointments for your semiannual checkups, which give you further strength in your dental care. If you receive a diagnosis at your visit that requires repair, take the time to address it as soon as possible. Infection can spread quite rapidly through your dentin, which is the material that makes up most of your tooth. When you lose the protection of your enamel, you are at significant risk.

At Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX, we are here for your enamel repair needs. From the development of tooth decay to breaks and cracks, protect this material from harm, so that it can continue to be your front line of defense. Discuss your repair options with your trusted dental health professional, so that you can improve the strength of your smile!

Restore Your Teeth After Decay Due To Bacterial Growth

One common condition in the dental world is tooth decay. This refers to the loss of some of your enamel due to the growth of harmful bacteria within your smile. Your home regimen of brushing and flossing serves to remove the buildup of these microorganisms, and if you are ignoring your care, you could be allowing them to flourish.

Always brush your teeth at least twice each day, and be sure to do it before you go to sleep. Otherwise, infection can grow for hours without stopping. Flossing is also vital to your success, so if you are skipping this process, be aware! Our composite fillings blend in with the rest of your smile, so that you can keep your repair private. Take care of your cavities before an infection starts to grow deep within your tooth.

When You Have Cracked Or Broken One Of Your Teeth

Beyond the development of cavities as a result of tooth decay, you can still experience a dental emergency on any given day. Even the smallest seed can break or chip your enamel, so it is important that you know your steps. Speak with a provider about how to best care for your smile immediately after you damage a tooth, and do not put off seeking treatment.

The speedy repair of your enamel damage can help you to avoid further infection. Talk with our team about the possibility of a dental crown to maintain your bite after a crack or break.

Restoring Your Enamel With Rodem Tree Dental

Speak with a trusted dental health professional about your damaged tooth today, so that you can begin your treatment. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX at 972-475-2321!