Deep Cleaning to Repair Tooth Stability

Your teeth are strong and resilient. When healthy, your teeth can sustain a huge amount of force as they chew through food. The thing that allows your teeth to function in this way is the connection between your teeth and jawbone. Your teeth are held in place by connective tissue that fuses the roots of your teeth with your jawbone. If bacteria gets underneath your gums, it can actually damage that connection in a very serious way. If you’re experiencing a bacterial infection in your gums, then you can treat the issue with deep cleaning to repair the stability of your teeth.

Deep Cleaning Is a Treatment that Reaches Beneath Your Gums

Deep cleaning is a special treatment that your dentist can perform to clean the area beneath your gums. This involves gaining careful access to the surfaces beneath your gum line. Your dentist can access this area and carefully remove all of the bacteria and infected tissue present. This process is also known as “scaling.” After scaling the roots of your teeth and sterilizing the area, your dentist will then perform root planing. This is a process that smooths out the roots of your teeth so that the connective tissue between your tooth roots and jaw bone can reform.

Severed Connective Tissue Can Heal Over Time

The damaged tissue beneath your gums can heal. Over time, the connection will reform, and your teeth will feel stable and comfortable within your jawbone. However, if your gum disease progresses, it can worsen. Eventually, gingivitis becomes periodontitis. This condition doesn’t just damage your gums, but rather, your jawbone itself. Periodontitis is characterized by a loss of jawbone mass. This loss of bone is not something that will reform or grow back with time. To repair this damage you’ll need bone grafting surgery. It’s best to treat your gum disease before it gets to this point.

Deep Cleaning Is Better Than Tooth Loss

While deep cleaning may not sound like a particularly attractive treatment, it’s much better than the alternative. Deep cleaning is used to treat gum disease so that your jawbone and tooth can reconnect. If your jawbone starts to lose mass, it can cause your teeth to loosen in their sockets. Eventually, your teeth may even fall out due to periodontitis. To avoid tooth loss, you need deep cleaning. Many dentists offer technology that makes this treatment easy and less uncomfortable. Ultrasonic technology can be used to scale teeth without the need for incisions.

Find Comfortable Deep Cleaning at Rodem Tree Dental

At Rodem Tree Dental, our goal is always to provide our patients with comfortable care that preserves their future oral health. If you’re experiencing gum disease, we can use deep cleaning to repair the damage done by this harmful condition. To schedule an appointment at Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX, contact our office at 972-475-2321.