Teeth Whitening Options We Can Offer You

There are few dental problems that can feel as glaring or as frustrating as dental discoloration. From the outside, it can appear to be an easy issue to fix—after all, there are often many products that offer to remove enamel stains available on the shelves of grocery stores and pharmacies. Unfortunately, these products that are commercially available can lack the kind of potency to make real change possible. Instead of depending on store bought treatment, you can talk to your Rowlett, TX dentist about what you can do about this problem. Our office can send you home with a more effective whitening agent, or we can bring you in for a single visit treatment that can make you feel better about how you look!

What Has Dental Discoloration Done To Your Confidence?

It can be difficult to feel confident in your smile when you have experienced problems with the gradual buildup of teeth stains. As they gather, they can make your enamel appear dull and unsightly, something that can cause your happiness in the way you look to dip. These problems can make people look older than they actually are; stains are also able to make people see you as less healthy than you are.

Using The Right Teeth Whitening Agents To Fight Stains

You have access to stronger enamel bleaching agents through your dentist than you do through grocery stores and pharmacies. At these stores, you can find products that are able to fight surface stains, but you can have a hard time locating items that work to remove deeper and tougher ones. Through the use of whitening agents provided at our office, you can fight tougher discoloration and see more welcome changes! In-office care is available, which can give you improvements in as little as one appointment. For those who would prefer to take care of the problem on their own, we can provide take-home whitening kits that include customized trays and potent bleaching gels.

What Else Can You Ask Your Dentist About When It Comes To Smile Care?

You can explore more options for cosmetic dental work and learn how you might be able to resolve problems with tooth shape, size, and condition. We can take on these problems with porcelain veneers, or we can do so by performing dental bonding or contouring work. Bonding treatments and porcelain veneers can sometimes be preferable to whitening at taking on discoloration, as whitening agents are less effective when you need to do something about discoloration within the tooth structure.

Talk To Your Rowlett, TX Dentist About Treatment To Whiten Teeth

Through professional teeth whitening treatment, we can help you take care of your smile and see truly exciting cosmetic changes! If you would like to find out more, contact Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX at 972-475-2321 to set up an appointment.