Strategies For Making Teeth Whiter

When you decide to fight problems with dental discoloration, you can find it difficult to address the matter on your own. The products that you can find at your local grocery store or pharmacy can have limited benefits, which can lead to frustration. Are you able to make your teeth many shades whiter? With professional cosmetic dental work, more significant changes to the way you look can be seen. Our Rowlett, TX dental practice can provide take-home whitening treatments as well as in-office services to correct problems with enamel stains. Our practice is also prepared to help you when you want to do something about intrinsic discoloration.

Are You Ready To Do Something About The Color Of Your Smile?

Growing embarrassment over your smile because of teeth stains can be hard to endure. Problems with discoloration can worsen as the particles from different foods and drinks gather and affect your appearance. Through your oral hygiene routine, you can fight the buildup of stains, but they can steadily build up, and they can be difficult to fight after they settle. With store bought products, you can remove stains that have recently been acquired, but it can be harder to fight them when they have accumulated and settled into deeper layers of your enamel.

Using A Take-Home Or In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment

There are two different options that you can rely on when you want to make your smile significantly brighter. You can pick up a personalized whitening kit that makes your care convenient. The kits that we supply include potent bleaching agents as well as trays that allow you to apply these materials more easily. To deliver results in less time, we can schedule you for an in-office treatment so that you can remove stains in just a single visit!

Strategies For Dealing With Intrinsic Discoloration

You may need to deal with something other than enamel stains in order to improve your smile color. Intrinsic problems that occur when you experience a tooth injury, enamel erosion, or problems after taking certain medications. When these issues are brought to your dentist’s attention, you can learn about other options for cosmetic dental work. Those options include care with porcelain veneers, which cover up these problems as well as concerns about tooth shape, size, and alignment. A dental bonding procedure can also hide these flaws.

Talk To Your Rowlett, TX Dentist About Making Your Teeth Whiter

By discussing teeth whitening treatment with your dentist, you can find out how a professional treatment can give you exciting cosmetic improvements. We are happy to help with this and other issues that make you self-conscious, contact Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX at 972-475-2321 to set up an appointment.