Keep Your Child’s Mouth Safe

Kid Rowlett TXOne of the most difficult habits to instill in children is oral health hygiene. But even before they are able to brush their own teeth, the state of their mouth can lead to serious effects later in life. So no matter what age your child is, from baby to a teen, it is important to be able to navigate their health.

Even before their first set of teeth emerge when they are a baby, their periodontal health is incredibly important. For reasons we will get into, they are unable to unconsciously care for themselves in the way that older children and adults are able to do.

So today, your Rowlett, TX dentist speaks about just some of the concerns that address children at different stages of their development. Also, what to look for in case they cannot properly explain (or even know) something is growing improperly.

Learning New Things

When babies are born, they do not have the ability to care for their own mouths. Of course, they are not going to walk over to the sink and pick up a brush right away, even beyond that. Their inability to swallow excess milk and saliva in their mouth means that without wiping their gums after feeding, bacteria can grow on the sugars. This can lead to a bacterial infection, which is never what we want to see in a mouth.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

When their teeth do arrive, it is important to keep their young new biological material safe. The ADA recommends that you should not wait to start brushing. Once they get their first tooth, it’s time to begin. Plaque can build up on one tooth in just the same manner that it does in a full adult mouth.

Tooth decay can still happen in children, and parents sometimes underestimate the importance of the initial set. These are not just temporary objects, they perform essential functions in nutrition. They also begin a roadmap for their adult teeth, so any extractions that become necessary can lead to more erratic growth later. This can also mean the need for orthodontic procedures in the future!

Teens Aren’t In The Clear

Even past the initial stages of life development, there are particular concerns that deal with adolescents and young adults. Your third set of molars, also known as your wisdom teeth, emerge typically in your late teens or early twenties. These can cause severe damage if they grow improperly, and we have grown through evolution to simply not need them.

So most people have them removed, but it is important to stay in contact with your dentist and have imagery taken at routine intervals. This gives your oral health provider the most knowledge on your situation, so any possible harm can be avoided before!


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