The Trouble With Missing A Dental Cleaning

If you brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis, do scheduled teeth cleanings really offer much benefit for you? There are several reasons why you should be consistent about scheduling preventive care, even if you are confident in your daily routine. One concern is that you may be too confident in the work you are doing to care for your teeth each day. You may not realize it, but tartar deposits may already be present on your smile – if they are, your hygienist will have to remove them for you. Remember that regular teeth cleanings are part of a larger dental exam that can lead to early warnings from your Rowlett, TX dentist about problems that will require professional treatment.

When Did You Last Have Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned?

It is recommended that patients follow a schedule of semiannual teeth cleanings and evaluations. By sticking to this routine, you can receive preventive care on a steady basis and avoid potentially serious problems with your teeth and gums. Cleanings can play a more important role in preventing issues than you realize. When plaque deposits are not removed in time, tartar buildup can start to form. When that occurs, you can become more susceptible to problems. Unfortunately, you cannot remove this substance by cleaning your teeth on your own!

Tartar And Your Oral Health

The presence of tartar on your smile can make you more likely to struggle with tooth decay and gingivitis. You can prevent its formation by thoroughly brushing at least twice a day, and flossing at least once to keep bacteria from gathering between your teeth. Unfortunately, it can take only a short time for plaque buildup to harden and cause difficulties for you. However, at every routine teeth cleaning, your hygienist will clear away accumulated debris so that your smile no longer faces a higher risk for problems.

More Reasons To Keep Scheduling Routine Checkups

Did you know that your dentist can spot and treat a cavity before you start to experience discomfort? Prompt care can limit your risk for oral health complications that demand more involved restorative dental work. At your appointment, we can also look for issues that suggest you are having problems with teeth grinding, which can negatively affect your quality of life and eventually do serious harm to your enamel.

Talk To Your Rowlett, TX Dentist To Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning

If you are not keeping up with your recommended dental cleanings and evaluations, you can have a difficult time preventing issues that negatively impact your oral health. Our practice is ready to meet with you and provide a defense against tartar buildup, as well as timely care to help you avoid issues with dental decay and other problems. To find out more, please contact Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX at 972-475-2321.