Choosing Between Teeth Whitening And Other Cosmetic Services

It may be fair to assume that a professional teeth whitening treatment is the most appropriate treatment option for someone who wants to deal with discoloration, but there are times when other services might be recommended. What makes other procedures beneficial for those who want to deal with dull or discolored teeth? Sometimes, patients who want to show off brighter smiles need to address intrinsic discoloration, or internal tooth problems, and not just issues with accumulated teeth stains. At our Rowlett, TX dental office, we can evaluate you to see if you might benefit more from professional whitening treatment or another cosmetic dental procedure.

Teeth Stains Versus Intrinsic Discoloration

What does it mean to say that people have different forms of discoloration, and how does this affect what cosmetic dental procedure your dentist will recommend? Teeth stains are a cause of discoloration people often experience, and one that they can be more familiar with. Over time, particles from foods and drinks (as well as tobacco products, if you use them) can gather on your enamel and dull your smile. Intrinsic discoloration refers to any problems that can occur within the tooth structure to affect the way you look. You may have intrinsic discoloration because of a medication you previously took, because of a physical injury, or because enamel erosion is leading to your smile appearing dull.

Undergoing Professional Whitening Treatment

Professional whitening services are often recommended for people with dull and discolored teeth, and they can produce exciting results in a short time. You actually have a choice in the matter of whitening your teeth at home versus having them whitened at our office. The take-home whitening kits that we provide can deliver results that exceed what you might expect to see from a store bought whitening treatment, as we offer more potent bleaching agents that remove tougher stains. For those who wish to have results in a shorter time, a single-visit procedure with your dentist can give you a smile that is many shades brighter!

Using Veneers Or Tooth Bonding Treatment To Restore Your Smile

For intrinsic discoloration, we can move forward with another cosmetic dental procedure. One option is to perform tooth bonding treatment, which applies a composite resin substance to your teeth that makes them appear whiter. Treatment with porcelain veneers will require more preparatory work, and it can take more time to complete your procedure. With that said, veneers are more durable, which means you can have an easier time preserving your results over a longer period of time.

Talk To Your Rowlett, TX Dental Office About Making Your Smile Brighter

Our Rowlett, TX dental office is ready to talk with you about dental discoloration, and recommend a solution to your problem that can deliver exciting and long-lasting results! To find out more, please call Rodem Tree Dental at 972-475-2321.