Discreetly Close A Smile Gap With Invisalign Treatment

All it takes is one small gap between teeth to alter your smile symmetry and create a conspicuous flaw in your appearance. While you may have settled for trying to hide the problem by hiding your smile, you should know that orthodontic work can resolve this problem and give you renewed confidence in the way you look! As you explore the benefits of orthodontic treatment, you can learn that an adjustment with Invisalign can fix this problem discreetly. Our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office can talk you through the benefits of treatment with Invisalign, which can make changes to the way you look while also improving your bite function and dental health!

Spacing Problems Make Many People Unhappy With Their Smile

Poor spacing between teeth can be an oral health issue as well as a cosmetic problem. People with too much space between two teeth can feel self-conscious because of an embarrassing gap that they fear draws unwanted attention. Spacing issues with teeth that overlap, or teeth that appear recessed, can also create problems for the way you look. It should be noted that poor alignment has the potential to negatively change your bite function, and may even cause problems for your ability to keep your smile clean. If this is the case for you, treatment can have more than just esthetic benefits.

Making Plans To Straighten Teeth With Invisalign

With Invisalign appliances, we can fix the spacing issues that affect your smile without asking you to wear conspicuous metal braces. What you rely on instead are a series of clear plastic aligners designed to gradually move teeth together. Their design will be based on a study of your teeth to determine how your correction should proceed. Because the aligners can be put in and taken out by you, they will not cause problems for you when it comes to cleaning your teeth and eating.

Discuss Other Orthodontic Treatment Options With Your Dentist

Orthodontic work is effective at more than just changing the way a person looks. The corrective work you undergo can make it easier for you to evenly apply pressure when you close and release your bite, which reduces stress on your jaw and protects you from overusing certain teeth. In addition to providing Invisalign treatment, we can offer corrective work with traditional metal braces to make sure your correction effectively resolves your alignment problems. We can also recommend the Six Month Smiles program to those who qualify and want their results as soon as possible.

Start Invisalign Treatment At Rodem Tree Dental In Rowlett, TX!

Invisalign treatment can close a gap in your smile, which can improve the way you look and also help with oral health concerns. To find out more about our different services, please contact Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX at 972-475-2321.