Including Dental Implants In Plans To Restore Your Smile

After losing just one tooth, a patient will face greater risks for losing more. They also have to worry about potential problems with their bite function, which can lead to more wear and tear on teeth as well as a greater risk for TMJ disorder. Fully dealing with tooth loss is about more than just restoring the way you look when you smile. With the right prosthetic treatment, it will be possible for you to have an easier time biting and chewing the way you did before you had a missing tooth. Our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office has helped many patients who have experienced tooth loss. With a dental implant-held restoration, you can find that your ability to bite and chew, along with your smile comfort, is improved!

Dental Implants Provide Security For Dental Prostheses

A dental implant is not your prosthetic. What it is is a post that holds the restoration in position. The stability from this arrangement is more impressive than you might expect. Its support also helps you because it stimulates your jawbone, which will keep it from deteriorating. When you come in for a consultation, we can perform a review to see how we can use an implant or implants to help you support a custom dental crown or dental bridge.

The Long-Term Benefits Of Implant-Held Restorations

When you have a restoration that is supported by a dental implant, you can find it easier to bite and chew without feeling awkward, or without struggling to enjoy tougher foods. Because of this, you can enjoy a richer diet, and you can also return to a bite motion that is less taxing on your joints and muscles. The act of biting with your implant will actually help your jawbone remain strong. The stimulation this action produces is capable of triggering your body’s movement of nutrients to the bone, keeping it from deteriorating. That deterioration is a problem for those who lose teeth and do not have implant support as part of their restorative dental work.

How Digital Imaging Technology Helps Us Plan Your Smile Restoration

It is important to find just the right spot for dental implants. With the ideal positioning, they will be able to support the most weight and endure more pressure when you bite and chew. We use digital imaging technology to find where implants should be placed. This gives us a degree of accuracy that can ensure patients see great results from their prosthetic treatment!

Discuss Dental Implants With Your Rowlett, TX Dentist

At Rodem Tree Dental, patients who have experienced tooth loss can learn about the benefits of having their incomplete smile restored with dental implants. To find out more about how we can restore your appearance and dental health, call our dental office in Rowlett, TX at 972-475-2321.