What Should I Do If I Keep Grinding My Teeth At Night?

Does every morning start with a bout of dental pain or sensitivity? Are you sometimes feeling discomfort in your face and jaw throughout the day? You may have realized that you are grinding your teeth at night, but what can you do to put a stop to this problem? Sometimes, an adjustment in sleeping habits, or a beneficial change in your diet, can resolve the matter. With that said, this issue, known as bruxism, may call for a trip to your dentist’s office to resolve. At our Rowlett, TX dental practice, patients who struggle with nightly teeth grinding can receive a custom appliance that keeps their teeth safely apart while they rest. We can also help you deal with any dental injuries, or problems with visibly misshapen teeth, that have occurred due to bruxism.

Teeth Grinding Can Lead To More Than Just Dental Pain And Sensitivity

The short-term effects of teeth grinding can include headaches, a stiff or sore jaw, tense facial muscles, and teeth that feel sore or sensitive. These problems are troubling enough on their own to worry patients. Unfortunately, not everyone who realizes something is amiss will seek treatment in a timely manner. As time passes, this issue can lead to chronic jaw pain and stiffness that makes your daily life less pleasant. It is also possible for you to hurt a tooth so badly that it requires a dental crown!

Responding To An Issue With Bruxism

If you are trying to control your teeth grinding habit on your own, you can help yourself by making a point of addressing reflexive jaw tightening or grinding during the day, cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, and even searching for a more comfortable sleep position. With that said, you should bring up the problem with your dentist, particularly if it feels as though your own efforts are not making a difference. A custom mouth guard can keep your teeth apart to stop damage from occurring. This also helps to reduce tension on your jaw and facial muscles.

Dealing With Dental Damage Caused By Grinding

After a period of time, your teeth can start to look flattened, misshapen, or even damaged because of teeth grinding. The damage can actually be so severe that restorative dental work is needed! By treating the matter, you can have your smile improved, and you can avoid potential oral health issues.

Discuss Your Teeth Grinding Troubles With Your Rowlett, TX Dentist’s Office

At Rodem Tree Dental, we are prepared to help our patients deal with problems that are causing dental pain or sensitivity. Through treatment for bruxism, we can keep you safe from potential damage to teeth, and also help you put a stop to a problem that leaves you with daily aches and pains. Find out more by calling our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office at 972-475-2321.