Your Injured Tooth Can Be Vulnerable To An Infection

How much harm is there in choosing to ignore a tooth injury? If the problem is not evaluated and treated, there is a chance that your injury can lead to the infection of your tooth. As a result, you can start to experience problems with swelling, pain, and concerning changes in the tooth’s color. The problem can grow continually more serious as you continue to put off restorative dental work, and it can eventually lead to the loss of your tooth! Our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you when you are exhibiting symptoms of a tooth infection. Once a root canal procedure is performed, your tooth can be permanently restored with a custom dental restoration.

An Untreated Dental Injury Can Become A Serious Problem

Letting a tooth injury go without treatment can lead to several problems. One issue is that, without the protection of a dental crown, an injured tooth could experience more damage. You can have a difficult time biting and chewing, which can lead to problems with your jaw joints and muscles that cause pain. There is also the potential for an injured tooth to develop an infection because bacteria are able to enter and attack the living tissues that support it. If you chip or crack a tooth, or if you feel pain in the tooth after trauma, the matter should be treated seriously.

Arranging Emergency Dental Work

If you have pain, swelling, or any other issues that make you think something is seriously wrong with your oral health, emergency dental work is available. Through an emergency appointment, you can have your dentist take a look at a problem with minimal delay. This can lead to relief sooner if you are struggling with discomfort. It can also ensure that the matter is resolved before you lose your tooth.

The Long-Term Benefits Of Having Your Tooth Properly Restored

Once an infection is addressed through root canal treatment, the priority moves from dealing with internal problems to protecting the tooth. With a dental crown, your tooth can be completely shielded above the gum line. Its presence can stop a future infection from occurring, and it can help you bite and chew without difficulties.

Your Rowlett, TX Dentist Can Restore Your Injured Tooth

At Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX, our patients can count on access to care if they are experiencing issues with an infected tooth. In addition to taking on that infection, we can make sure your tooth is protected with a custom restoration. We hope you take dental injuries, and the overall health of your smile, seriously. It can be easier to do this when you have access to care from a supportive and friendly dental practice. To learn more about our services, please call our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office at 972-475-2321.