A Root Canal Can Address Issues With Serious Tooth Pain

That ache in your tooth seems to have come from nowhere, and it is showing no signs of going away on its own. What is wrong, and how concerned should you be about the matter? An issue with pain or sensitivity can arise because of an infection, which can form when a cavity goes untreated. Our Rowlett, TX dentist’s office can take a look at your problem tooth and determine if this is what is affecting you. To address an infection, we can perform a root canal procedure to remove bacteria and damaged tissues. After this is done, a lifelike dental restoration can be put in place to keep your tooth safe from future problems!

Your Tooth Pain Could Be Caused By An Advanced Cavity

The more time a cavity is given to grow, the more damage it can do to your tooth structure. Many people who develop cavities have the problem spotted and treated by their dentist before this occurs – early intervention can lead to treatment with a dental filling. If nothing is done in time, your tooth’s pulp may be exposed by decay, which can lead to a buildup of bacteria in this central space. This is the area where the tooth’s nerves are located, so it can cause you to experience a significant amount of discomfort.

Not every infection will be traced back to decay. If you chip or crack your tooth, it can become vulnerable to an infection. This situation can also call for care from your dentist.

Scheduling Your Root Canal Procedure

If you are found to have an infection, a root canal procedure can be performed to save your tooth. The root canal will involve both the removal of infected tissues and the sealing of your pulp to stop new problems from occurring. You will need to have a restoration put in place to protect your tooth after this is done. With a dental crown, we can restore the tooth permanently, keep it safe from another infection, and also provide support for biting and chewing.

Can Tooth Pain Be Considered An Emergency?

If you are having a hard time ignoring the pain in your tooth, put in a call to our practice to let us know what is happening. An untreated tooth infection can become a serious problem. If treatment is not provided, you may end up losing your tooth, and you can experience new issues as bacteria travel through its roots and reach different parts of your body. We do offer emergency dental services for our patients.

Your Rowlett, TX Dentist Can Address Your Tooth Pain

Your Rowlett, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you if you are struggling with tooth pain. To find out more, or to discuss an issue you are experiencing, you can reach Rodem Tree Dental at 972-475-2321.