The Best Way to Erase Teeth Stains

Teeth staining is a natural product of eating and drinking. If you’re experiencing staining to your enamel, it’s likely being caused by your lifestyle habits. Does that mean you should stop eating and drinking everything? Well, that’s not exactly realistic. While there are steps that you can take to reduce the amount of staining that you experience, there is also a way to erase teeth stains with a simple procedure. Professional teeth whitening gets rid of unsightly stains, and it’s  a noninvasive procedure. If you would like to see whiter, brighter teeth, here’s the best way to erase teeth stains.

Teeth Whitening Bleaches Stains from your Enamel

Your dental enamel is porous. It is incredibly strong, but it does have small holes in it. Inside those holes, pigment particles can become trapped over time, staining your white enamel. When food and drinks make contact with the surfaces of your teeth, those bits of pigment do too. Over time, as more and more pigment becomes trapped, your teeth start to yellow. Professional teeth whitening is a procedure by which the pigment trapped in your teeth is bleached. Using a strong bleaching agent, your dentist can help you break up those particles and restore your teeth to a beautiful, white shade.

Professional Teeth Whitening Can Happen In-Office or at Home

In many cases, your dentist can create a set of whitening trays for you to take home and wear for a short window every day. Your dentist will also give you a bleaching agent to apply to the trays. By simply wearing the trays with the bleaching agent for a short amount of time each evening, you can see dramatic whitening results in just a couple of months. If you prefer, you may also set up an office visit in many cases. In-office whitening can typically be completed in a short amount of time and deliver serious results right away.

Keep Your Teeth Whiter for Longer After Whitening

Your teeth will always pick up pigment over time, but there are some steps you can take to slow the process. Avoiding acidic foods can help you absorb less pigment. You may also want to swish some water around in your mouth after eating or drinking anything else, as this can rinse your teeth and reduce pigment absorption. You can also begin brushing your teeth after meals and after finishing your coffee to keep stains away. If you have stubborn stains or professional whitening won’t remove the stains, talk to your dentist about cosmetic alternatives.

Seek Professional Teeth Whitening from Rodem Tree Dental

Rodem Tree Dental provides both take-home whitening kits and in-office whitening options. We can remove stains from your teeth to restore the beautiful white color to your smile. If you’ve tried over-the-counter products with little success before, it’s time to trust a professional. Schedule a cosmetic consultation at Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX by calling 972-475-2321.