Therapeutic Treatment to Repair Root Canals

The root canals of your teeth serve a vital function. In essence, they keep your teeth alive. The root canals are located inside of the roots of each tooth, and they connect the tooth to the rest of the body. The root canals serve as a sort of transportation system for blood vessels and nerves to and from your teeth. When root canals become infected by bacteria, this bacteria can spread to other tissues in your body. This can lead to blood clotting and unexplained pain. To repair infected root canals, your dentist will use root canal therapy. This treatment cleans and protects the root canals.

The Root Canals of Your Tooth Are Susceptible to Infection

Your tooth is made up of a thick exterior. It has to be, in order to chew food and stand up to a lifetime of wear. While the outer enamel layer of your tooth may be strong, the inside is susceptible to infection. The dentin, pulp, and root canals of your tooth can become overrun by bacteria if infection from a cavity is allowed to spread. That’s why it’s so important to consistently brush and floss your teeth. Removing plaque and tartar prevents cavities, and the much more serious problems that follow.

Root Canal Therapy Treats and Protects the Interior of Your Tooth

If your root canals become infected, your dentist will first need to clean out the bacteria and infected tissue inside. To do this, your dentist will carefully make a small hole in the root of your tooth. Through this hole, your dentist can extract any infection and infected tissue inside the canal. After removing the tissue, your dentist will seal the canal and hole with a biocompatible, rubber-like substance to strengthen the structure of the root and prevent bacteria from infiltrating the tooth in the future.

After Root Canal Therapy, Your Dentist Will Place a Dental Crown

A tooth with infected root canals has been structurally compromised to a degree. In addition to root canal therapy, your dentist will also use a dental crown to protect your tooth. The dental crown is fabricated to look and feel like a natural tooth, while also fitting comfortably next to your natural teeth. Your dentist will place a crown over the remaining structure of your damaged tooth to prevent physical damage from chewing food, and bacterial infection. After healing, root canal therapy and a dental crown will effectively repair the damage done by bacterial infection.

Seek Therapeutic Root Canal Treatment at Rodem Tree Dental

Cavities can take a toll on your teeth. The faster you treat them, the better the outlook for your teeth. At Rodem Tree Dental, we provide gentle care in a positive environment. If your teeth are causing you pain, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible to treat the issue. You can make an appointment at Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX by calling our office at 972-475-2321.