A Simple Cosmetic Treatment to Improve Your Smile

The appearance of your smile can actually have a pretty dramatic effect on your self perception and your confidence. You’ll be more inclined to show off a bright, beautiful smile in social and professional settings. Conversely, a smile that has faded and teeth that have worn down can tank your confidence. If you’re someone who would like to see some improvement to your smile, you don’t have to undergo a major treatment to do so. There’s a simple cosmetic treatment to improve your smile quickly. Dental bonding and contouring are minimally invasive, and they don’t take long.

Dental Contouring Shapes Your Dental Enamel

Dental enamel is the durable layer that covers the outsides of your teeth. Strong enamel prevents cavities and keeps your teeth safe. Small grooves in that enamel and misshapen teeth can cause your teeth to look irregular next to one another. By gently shaping that dental enamel, your dentist can create a more even, proportional smile. That’s exactly what dental contouring does. Using a precise instrument, your dentist can gently shape the enamel on your teeth to create a more homogeneous smile that looks great in photos.

Dental Bonding Uses Resin to Add Volume

Dental bonding is related to dental contouring in that it is the opposite procedure. Instead of shaping the enamel that is already present on your teeth, bonding uses strong dental resin to add volume to teeth. This treatment can be used to add shape, even out a tooth that is shorter than the others, and close awkward gaps between teeth. Just like contouring, dental bonding is efficient and minimally invasive. The treatment doesn’t take long, but it can create a major improvement in the appearance of your smile.

For Alignment Issues, You May Want to Use Invisible Aligners

While dental bonding and contouring can be used to fix small issues with the surfaces and size of your teeth, these treatments can’t be used to actually realign your teeth. If you’ve got multiple crooked teeth that are out of alignment, you may want to inquire about an option like invisible aligners. Invisible aligners are discreet and effective when it comes to gently pushing and pulling your teeth into alignment. A straightened smile looks better in pictures and is easier to clean.

What Cosmetic Options Are Waiting for You at Rodem Tree Dental?

At Rodem Tree Dental, we understand the power of a beautiful smile. We utilize a number of cosmetic treatments to help you look your best. Whether it’s bonding and contouring to balance your smile, invisible aligners to straighten your teeth, or teeth whitening to improve the color of your teeth — Rodem Tree Dental has a solution for you. To explore your cosmetic options, schedule a consultation at Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX by calling 972-475-2321.