Avoid Common Causes for Infected Root Canals

Infected root canals not only cause you pain as a patient, but they can be incredibly harmful to the wellbeing of your teeth. Your root canals are the passageways through which nutrients can travel to and from teeth. They can also become a passageway for bacteria. If bacteria infect your root canals, they can then infect other oral tissues in your mouth and sinuses. Infected root canals also damage the roots of your teeth. When your roots become compromised, the entire tooth may be at risk. It’s best to avoid common causes for infected root canals by being aware.

If You Wait Too Long to Address a Cavity, Your Root Canals May Become Infected

Cavities are serious oral health problems, but they’re far from the worst that your problems can get. Cavities are the product of bacterial activity on the surface of your teeth. When bacteria build up and produce acid as a byproduct of metabolism, the acid can wear away at your dental enamel. This eventually causes a hole — a cavity — to form. When treated early on, the cavity can be addressed with a dental filling. When you neglect your cavity, the infection spreads deeper into the tooth. Eventually, the infection will spread past the dentin, through the pulp, and into the root canals of your tooth.

If Your Tooth Is Fractured or Broken in an Accident, Your Root Canals May Be at Risk

Biological damage isn’t the only kind of harm that can befall your teeth. Your teeth can also experience physical harm. Physical accidents caused by eating hard food or falling can cause your teeth to become fractured or broken. These teeth need to be covered with a dental crown, or extracted and replaced with a prosthetic. Fractured or broken teeth that sit in your mouth create an opening for bacteria to get inside. Once inside your tooth, the infection can easily spread to your root canals.

If Your Tooth Filling Fails Over Time, Get a Replacement

Tooth fillings may not last forever. Your teeth can change and shift over time. So can your filling. If your filling fails — it no longer fits inside your cavity — then it may create an opening for bacterial infection. If you’re attending biannual dentist appointments, your dentist will be able to spot this problem before it becomes a huge issue.

Visit Rodem Tree Dental for Root Canal Therapy

If you have infected root canals, you need root canal therapy to save your tooth. During root canal therapy, your dentist will carefully access your root canals and extract all of the harmful bacteria. They will then fill the canal and seal the opening before covering it with a dental crown to fortify your tooth. You can schedule this treatment at Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX by contacting our office at 972-475-2321.