Bonding and Contouring Are Conservative Dental Treatments

Could your teeth use a little help to look their best? Do your teeth need a lot of help to form a straight, beautiful smile? In either case, you may be surprised by the cosmetic options available to you. While cosmetic dentistry treatment can cause an incredible transformation for your smile, most of these treatment options are not particularly invasive. You can find conservative dental treatments that preserve the original structure of your teeth. One such option is dental bonding and contouring. These techniques are conservative ways to dramatically adjust the appearance of your smile.

Dental Bonding and Contouring Do Not Require a Large Treatment Footprint

The scope of treatment can scare a lot of people away from a dental procedure, but it’s likely that your teeth don’t need much in order to look their best. Dental bonding and contouring don’t require a large treatment footprint, but they can still provide a huge benefit. These treatments gently shape or add to your tooth enamel to create a more symmetrical smile. This can account for any number of naturally occurring defects, or defects that are the result of wear over time. The treatment time table for bonding and contouring are short and minimally invasive.

Dental Bonding Adds Shape, Contouring Adjusts It

Dental bonding is an additive process by which your dentist will use special dental resin to give your teeth shape and volume. This can help even out any teeth that are noticeably smaller than other teeth. It can also fill in any grooves on the surfaces of your teeth to make them more visually pleasing and easier to clean. Dental contouring gently shapes the enamel that you do have. Contouring can reduce the volume of a tooth to make it more closely match the surrounding teeth. It can also eliminate any harsh surfaces or jagged edges that cause you discomfort.

Conservative Dental Treatment Leaves Your Existing Structure in Place

Dental bonding and contouring can make significant cosmetic improvements without altering the existing structure of your teeth. The biocompatible material used in dental bonding means that your teeth will look and feel great after treatment. Making small cosmetic improvements can also improve the overall function of your bite. No one wants to feel the discomfort of sharp tooth edges poking their cheeks and tongue. Dental bonding and contouring offer improvements without a big treatment overhaul.

Ask About Bonding and Contouring at Rodem Tree Dental

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