The Importance of Deep Cleaning for Your Gums

Deep cleaning, also known as “scaling and root planing,” is a dental treatment that is used to remove bacteria from beneath the gum line. Your gums can be affected by bacteria just like your teeth. Instead of a cavity however, infection in your gum line produces inflammation. You’ll experience pain and redness, and often swelling as well. This condition is known as gingivitis, and it’s the first stage of gum disease. If left untreated, your gum disease will get even worse. Deep cleaning allows your dentist to access the area beneath your gum line and remove the harmful bacteria.

Deep Cleaning Removes Bacteria from Your Teeth

Your gum disease can actually be caused by infection on your tooth, deep beneath the surface. Your teeth extend well beyond your gum line, and these parts of your teeth can be susceptible to bacterial infection just like the crown of your tooth. Your dentist can carefully access the area beneath your gum line and gently remove all of the bacteria causing the infection. Your dentist will then smooth (the “planing” portion of the treatment) the roots of your tooth to ensure that a healthy tissue connection can form between jaw and tooth.

Gingivitis Can Lead to Periodontitis, an Irreversible Condition

If left untreated, your gum disease will likely worsen over time. While gingivitis can be painful and unsightly, it’s not nearly as bad as periodontitis, an irreversible condition. While gingivitis can cause damage to the connective tissue between your tooth and jaw bone, periodontitis can cause the degeneration of your jaw bone. The loss of jaw bone mass has serious ramifications for your oral health. Your teeth may become loose and eventually fall out. Once you develop periodontitis, you will have to manage the condition throughout your life.

Prevent Gum Disease by Taking the Proper Steps at Home

One of the best ways that you can avoid gum disease and the need for deep cleaning is by taking the proper preventive steps at home. You should floss your teeth daily to clean the difficult-to-reach surfaces between teeth. Removing bacteria from around the gum line is the best way to prevent infection. You should also brush around the gum line. The surfaces of your teeth that you can see aren’t the only ones that need your attention!

Manage Gum Disease at Rodem Tree Dental

You need to treat your gum disease as quickly as possible to prevent complications. Dr. Nam and her staff focus on personalized treatment that helps your teeth look and feel their best. If you need a deep cleaning to treat your gum disease, contact Rodem Tree Dental. You can schedule a general appointment with Rodem Tree Dental in Rowlett, TX by calling 972-475-2321.